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At HaulerHub we do more than book freight.

Find a Hauler instantly and hassle-free. Post your freight and its destination, and get matched with competitive quotes by dependable Haulers. In minutes your cargo is on its way, signed, sealed, and delivered. No lengthy email chains, no time-consuming phone calls and waiting for follow-through. It’s as simple as a click, swipe, or tap from your mobile device or desktop.

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With HaulerHub, Shippers and Haulers move the supply chain cheaper, faster, smarter.

Optimize your available freight space by finding shippers seeking haulers matching journeys. Cube out your loads with new opportunities brought to you by HaulerHub. Pay one convenience fee, and that’s it.

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Ever-rising e-commerce is redrawing the historic roles of stores, distribution centers, and the parcel delivery sector, which is evolving faster than ever. It’s also forcing companies to accelerate automation.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
State of Logistics Report, 2020 (P.8, A.T. Kearney and Penske Logistics)

Cheaper, faster, smarter with HaulerHub

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Moving a load from point A to point B shouldn’t compete with your bottom line.

Parties in the middle of logistics transactions often drive costs up with high fees. Plainly put 3PL, and other brokers, are there to collect. Meanwhile, the customer is left waiting, as Shippers move forward to fulfill the order, and Haulers do the heavy lifting.

With HaulerHub, we are here to disrupt that model and put the power where it belongs – with you. Pay one small convenience fee for Haulers and minimal-to-no cost for Shippers. Which means more money retained for your business instead of large fees being paid out to third parties HaulerHub is not only cheaper, it’s also the smartest solution for your shipping needs.

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Getting goods to market quickly is crucial in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Supply and demand shifts can be sudden, and when unexpected you need to be prepared. Speed to market means orders, revenue, and profitability.

Brokers in the middle slow things down. Waiting for quotes and the back and forth of negotiations all take up your most precious resource, time.

With HaulerHub we cut through it all and bring shippers and haulers together in minutes. Once your shipment is posted, the transaction takes place at a fraction of the time and the cost.

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The most innovative tech in the market to intuit your shipping needs

Putting you in the driver’s seat as you cruise towards a streamlined supply chain customized to your particular needs.

If you are finding the best place to get a logistics management app in the USA, we are here to assist you. We at HaulerHub bridge the gap between Shipper and Hauler in a seamless collaboration with direct access to you, keeping you focused on the growth of your business.

We help cut out the high fee middleman, get your shipment on track using our market-changing technology designed to smartly match the Hauler seeking freight with the Shipper seeking delivery, all while minimizing problems before they occur and increasing your profits.

If you have any questions about our logistics management app & ERP software, please don’t hesitate to call us at 3473490152.

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