5 Reasons to Use Shipping Apps for B2B Companies

5 Reasons to Use Shipping Apps for B2B Companies

If you work in retail, eCommerce, or B2B, then you know that shipping can be a major headache. Determining shipping costs, tracking orders, printing invoices, and making return orders is just a complicated mess.

Returns can also be a confusing nightmare. 52% of business owners don’t know how to deal with returns appropriately.

But the process can be made easier to manage through a good shipping app.

Do you want to eliminate all the stress around shipping for your business? Let’s take a look at five major benefits of using shipping apps for B2B companies.

1. Shipping Apps Are Time-Savers

Imagine having all your shipping-related logistics condensed into one place. That’s what you get with good shipping software.

With a few clicks, you can book, monitor, and update all the processes by yourself. This saves you the major burden of paperwork and shipping broker communication, which is all time-consuming and cumbersome. You can also access real-time data to check on delays rather than making a call and being on hold for 30 minutes until someone gives an explanation.

2. Shipping Apps Help With Supply Chain Management

These apps typically have data storage as a feature, which allows you to evaluate all your shipping history to evaluate any supply chain gaps or inconsistencies. You can also forecast any upcoming gaps and plan accordingly. Improving supply chain management is an excellent benefit of shipping apps.

3. Shipping Apps Allow For Easy Price Comparison

With shipping apps, you simply enter all the data for your shipment, and then you will see different carriers with different rates. You can book your courier and shipment right on the app, avoiding endless contact with several brokers to determine prices.

4. Shipping Apps Help Increase Revenue

There is an opportunity for increased revenue, since the process of buying and rebuying in bulk is so easy. This is because the apps are designed to create reports and strategies based on purchase history.

5. Shipping Apps Can Enhance Customer Loyalty

90% of B2B buyers who rely on B2B apps were willing to buy again from a vendor who provided a strong mobile experience. Mobile eCommerce is now the new norm, and those who provide a clear and convenient mobile service are more likely to have loyal customers.

Granted, some mobile apps are better than others, and a bad mobile experience can cost you a customer. Seek out the best shipping apps for effective B2B shipping. QuickBooks Commerce and Oberlo are just some of the standouts.

Benefits of Shipping Apps For B2B Companies

So now you can see there are several benefits of shipping apps for B2B companies. Do you want to know more about effective eCommerce and B2B marketing?

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