Hey, I’m Alex M. I’m a logistics coordinator for a national eyewear brand. We ship our designer frames to retailers all over the country. What I like about my job in logistics is I’m always striving to develop better processes that make the supply chain more efficient and organized. I Coordinate with transportation providers to ensure prompt and proper movement of shipments to our many doors nationally.

In recent weeks I’ve noticed that there are some redundancies in our shipping process. So I “managed up” to my boss, to let her know, as part of my job entails reviewing purchase orders and shipping documents to ensure accuracy, and tracking and fixing shipping errors as needed. We are spending more money by outsourcing our shipping needs through a broker that is supposed to be saving us money.

When a friend mentioned reading an article about how tech is transforming logistics I figured we had nothing to lose by trying a new way to do things. With the ability to choose the best possible carrier and eliminate any additional fees I’ve already saved my company thousands of dollars. The future of shipping seems to be trending in this direction. I’m thrilled we are early adopters and are fully on board with newer developments in logistics tech as they become available. I would definitely recommend anyone in my field to research it for themselves.

Alex M.

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