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HaulerHub saves you time and slashes costs associated with standard 3PL fees. HaulerHub allows you the Shipper, and you the Hauler, to save costs by partnering directly.

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About Us
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How should carriers chart a course forward? If you are seeking to manage risks amid upcoming uncertainty, you should look for ways to improve your profitability by increasing your asset utilization, cutting your internal costs, or diversifying your revenue mix.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
State of Logistics Report, 2020 (P.23, A.T. Kearney and Penske Logistics)
Shipping cargo?

Simply pay within the 7 day grace period and there are zero fees!

Shippers—cut your transportation costs. The new and economical best choice to fulfill all your logistical requirements.

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Hauling cargo?

Pay a nominal convenience fee, far less than any existing 3PL model in market to date.

Haulers—access revenue you may have left behind while filling backhauls & lanes with more cargo.

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About us

How is HaulerHub Cheaper?

HaulerHub saves you money by removing the unnecessary middle man from the process, Shippers connect directly with Haulers. Eliminating the traditional 3PL allows for direct communication and no hidden fees. With-first in-class customer service available to assist you in every leg of your journey, HaulerHub lets shippers and haulers work toward the same goal.

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About us

When the load, destination, and fee are amenable, it’s a wrap. Your freight is on its way.

Paperwork is the Achilles heel of logistics. Quote requests, negotiations, and searches for reliable haulers obstruct the process.

At HaulerHub, we cut right through the red tape and get to the nitty gritty. 1. What is your load? 2. Where does it need to go? 3. What will it cost to get there?

It’s just as if you needed transportation from your home to the airport or wanted food delivered to your home. With a click or tap, you’re done in a fraction of the time.

No need to hunt for haulers. Post your load and interested haulers will bid on them. Choose the perfect hauler for your job. Then, you’re done!

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About us

How is HaulerHub Smarter?

Logistics are competitive. Shippers and Haulers have different interests and incentives.
- Shippers need reliable haulers to deliver their freight on time, safely, and at the most competitive pricing.
- Haulers need to move cargo, and independent Haulers must compete with much larger fleets from go-to suppliers. Choice is often based on fleet size alone—when it should be based on efficiency and dedicated service.

HaulerHub is the optimal solution for both Shippers and Haulers:
- It brings the Hauler to the Shipper, promoting a reliable partnership and creating a financial bonus for all.
- It provides haulers with the right amount of cargo to fill capacity and maximize efficiency—without third-party hassles.

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So, What Does HaulerHub Offer that Competitors Do Not?

First and foremost, we know the unique challenges of the logistics and transportation industries. We know you because we have been you. We’ve arranged shipment and secured deliveries.

We started HaulerHub because we know the challenges and needs of both shippers and haulers. We also know the middlemen. Our technology can do for you what most middle parties would complicate.

At HaulerHub, we have digitized the connection between shippers and haulers to provide a seamless platform to get the job done. We employ artificial intelligence and smart computing to optimally connect shippers with haulers to expedite transactions.

We help you get right to the heart of the matter—helping your customers and maximizing efficiency—with swift and economical delivery—on time, every time.

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