How Reliable Shipping Can Improve Customer Experience

How Reliable Shipping Can Improve Customer Experience

You’ve probably heard the phrase “The customer is king” before. You know your customer’s impression of your brand can make or break you. But are you wondering what your customers actually want?

One of the most important factors to improve customer experience is reliable shipping. When the process is smooth and easy, they’re more likely to convert to loyal, repeat consumers.

It may sound simple, but reliable shipping is key to making sure your customers come back again and again. This is a vital part of running your business.

Read on for tips to improve customer service.

What Do My Customers Want?

When you’re working on your shipping strategy, aim for a frictionless experience. That is the best customer experience, according to research. Harvard Business Review surveyed thousands of companies.

They investigated which strategy lands best with customers. Theme parks and other experience-based companies can benefit from memorable customer experiences.

Otherwise, a frictionless experience will land better than a memorable one. The better customer experience for the customers is one in which they don’t have to think too much.

There are a few things your customers will look for when they’re buying from you. The first is speed. These days, customers can expect seamless shopping experiences with quick delivery times.

They’ll also expect good communication from you. If there are shipping issues or delays, let them know. They will also appreciate receiving shipping text or email updates.

Shoppers do not want to feel surprised. Be upfront about shipping costs. Did you know nearly 70% of shopping carts are abandoned at the checkout?

Avoid losing shoppers by offering free shipping. Or you can improve customer service by sharing how much shipping will cost upfront.

How To Improve Customer Service?

Now you know what your shipping goals should be. The way to improve customer experience is transparency.

Make it a seamless, frictionless experience for your customer. To do so, make sure you don’t overpromise. Your customer will appreciate you being upfront on how long shipping takes.

Let’s say you’re offering freebies to your clients to get the word out about your new product. Product samples are a great way to build rapport.

But if you can’t offer overnight shipping, that’s ok. Just be clear from the start how long you’ll need to ship.

Open up good communication channels with others in your supply chain. When you’re aware of what’s happening with your warehouse fulfillment, you’ll be prepared. You’ll know if there are delays or increased demand.

Improve Customer Experience Today

To improve customer experience, you need to prioritize your customer’s needs. Make sure you’re transparent about what you can and can’t offer your customer. If you honor their need for open communication and prompt service, they’ll return.

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