How Shipping Apps for B2B Companies Can Improve Operations

How Shipping Apps for B2B Companies Can Improve Operations

The most important part of the supply chain begins when your customer places their order. The way your company handles its logistics can help or hurt the success of your business. That’s why if you are a business that has other firms as customers having suitable shipping systems in place is a must.

While there are many different shipping apps for b2b companies, this article will focus on the ones that can improve your operations. Here’s everything you need to know about how shipping apps for b2b companies can help your operations.


When it comes to being one of the best shipping apps for b2b companies, you can’t have a list without including Shippo. Shippo is a mobile app designed to help your b2b business navigate the world of e-commerce shipping.

As a business owner, you can sign up for free and then compare shipping rates between carriers. Once you find a courier, you secure the deal at the best rates for your company.

Then print your shipping label, make sure to include the return label that Shippo provides for your order, and then ship it. Shippo is a great b2b shipping app for start-ups and business owners just starting.

It also connects with most major eCommerce services and platforms while being affordable.


Next on the list of the best shipping apps for b2b companies is ShipStation. This shipping app is one of the most well-rounded tools that you can use. It allows you to import your orders while managing your inventory.

ShipStation also makes it easy to print shipping in bulk, and it generates picking and packing slips that are customizable for your business. Another reason why you should consider ShipStation to improve your shipping operations is it automatically prints return labels for all your packages.

It also offers branded tracking pages and other self-service options. You can start with a free 30-day trial, and plans start at about $9 per month.


Another b2b shipping app option is ShippingEasy. It has all the shipping functions to improve your operations because it also includes a customer management feature. This feature will allow you to collect customer data helping you segment your customers.

From there, you will be able to send targeted marketing emails that could help your business get more sales. Also, ShippingEasy has tools to help you provide better customer service to your customers. You can also benefit from using their inventory management system to update your business’s stock information across multiple channels easily.

ShippingEasy does offer a free trial with a basic starter account. After that, you can choose a plan that meets the needs of your business. The basic plan starts at $29 a month.


The last option on this list of shipping apps for b2b companies is Ordoro. This shipping app offers basic and advanced features, including multi-channel inventory management. You can easily group items on one shipment to one or more warehouses.

Automation, dropshipping, and advanced analytics are all provided by the Ordoro app to help you with strategic planning of your supply chain and understanding efficiency to improve operations. Ordoro does offer a free trial, and accounts start at $25/month.

Which Shipping Apps for B2B Companies Will Your Company Choose?

The logistics of your company can make or break your organization. That’s why this list of shipping apps for b2b companies is here to help. Your organization can improve operations and get customers their products quickly and easily.

If your business needs help with shipping, planning, or just a strategic review, we can help! Reach out to us today to learn more and take your business to the next level.