How to Prepare for Peak Holiday Shipping Season

How to Prepare for Peak Holiday Shipping Season

The fourth quarter is in full swing and that means the busiest holiday shopping  (and shipping) season has begun.

In 2020, most shoppers relied on online purchases for their holiday shopping due to the pandemic. With uncertainty around the safety of crowded malls, Christmas shopping began in November, from the comfort of customers’ homes.

This year, peak shipping dates are still affected by covid-19 delays and it’s important for your business to plan ahead for holiday shipping. Halloween marks the start of peak shipping season and it runs through into the first of the new year.

Keep reading to learn about how you can prepare for the peak shipping season.

Give Yourself a Head Start

If you want to get ahead of the peak shipping season, it is best to start early and plan ahead.

You can start by gathering data from your previous seasons. With historical data and information you can:

  • Anticipate the required inventory
  • Track previous promotions and their success
  • Identify best-sellers vs. slow-moving products

This will help you organize your stock before peak season and help with supply chain management. With a head start, you can ensure that you are stocked and ready for early holiday shoppers.

This is also a great time to promote items that are low on stock in a flash sale, making room for your popular inventory.

Hire Extra Customer Service Staff

Customer service is an integral part of any successful business. During peak season, this is even more important because there will be higher demand than usual with shipping delays, order tracking, and getting holiday purchases before Christmas.

According to recent studies, customer service is non-negotiable if you want a loyal client base. 73% of shoppers say that they will no longer shop with a business after they have read three bad reviews.

Ensure that your seasonal team is well-versed in your current promotions, shipping options, delivery estimates, and exchange policies.

Communicate With Your Customers

During the popular shipping season, it is important to stay in touch with your customers.

Not only should you be giving yourself extra time to account for shipping delays, but you should also be giving your customers a heads up about potential delays. Get proactive and reach out to your customers if there are last-mile delivery delays or delays at any point in the shipping process.

Using email and social media are great ways to get information out to your customers. Let them know when they have to have their order in so that they can guarantee they get their order in time.

A great social media marketing team can ensure that you are reaching your client base and providing the information that they need.

Be sure to offer order tracking for your customers so that they can keep track of their orders in real-time.

Prepare Your Business for Holiday Shipping

The holiday season is a chance for your business to give your customers exceptional service and cater to their holiday needs. Getting their orders shipped in time can get you many loyal customers in the new year. If you want to be prepared for the holiday shipping season, be sure to plan ahead of time, communicate with your customers, and ensure you have extra customer service staff.