5 Reasons Why You Should Choose HaulerHub

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose HaulerHub

With the increasing demand for quicker deliveries, businesses worldwide are looking for faster shipping and hauling services. But the biggest obstacle is the presence of numerous mediators at the supply chain’s various stages.   

Therefore, at HaulerHub, we decided to create a faster, more efficient platform and minimize the role of intermediaries. Here we share the five critical factors that differentiate us from the herd. 


When hiring a shipping service provider, you have to pay for multiple costs related to 3PL fulfillment. Apart from these, you also bear many hidden expenses such as no bulk discounts, overhead fees, and waiting charges. 

HaulerHub eliminates all these hidden costs by directly connecting the customer with shippers and haulers. It makes us a more economical and feasible option compared to other shipping service providers. Moreover, the bidding system works in your favor as increasing competition gives you cheaper rates.

Fast deliveries

In a survey, 69% of consumers claimed they were less likely to buy again from a retailer that didn’t deliver their order on time. Also, since one-day deliveries are the new normal, faster deliveries have become a business necessity.

HaulerHub understands that time is money. Therefore, we have eliminated all unnecessary paperwork and formalities. You have to go to the HaulerHub portal or download the app and fill in your shipment details; interested parties will start bidding. Choose the one that fits your needs, and you are done. Our process saves you the hassle of waiting for paperwork and running a background check, sparing you a lot of time and making your deliveries faster.

Powered by AI

With the Internet’s rapid proliferation, most things such as making payments, buying stocks, learning, and doing business transactions can now be done remotely. Leveraging the Internet’s power and reach, HaulerHub has launched an online platform where you can connect with several haulers or shippers and make a deal. Our AI platform fast tracks the screening process so you can find suitable matches among the bids quickly to make the process smooth and accurate.

Connects you with both haulers and shippers

Haulers need shippers to bring their freight to the port in time and vice versa, and it can be a costly job. At HaulerHub, you don’t have to go looking for anyone. With both parties able to connect without intermediaries on the same platform, the entire process is straightforward, efficient, and economical.


We believe in transparency. Elimination of all intermediaries enables us to maintain it for every order you place. We don’t interfere in any of your dealings. You connect to the shippers or haulers directly through the HaulerHub platform.

About HaulerHub

If you are looking for a company that can connect you directly with shippers and haulers without intermediaries, HaulerHub should be your one-stop destination. We use innovative technology to link you digitally. With us, you can get the job done quicker and with less money. Sign up today to ship or haul goods with ease. At HaulerHub, we offer independent shipping services in the USA. You can also call us at +1 347 349 0152 or drop an email at 247365@haulerhub.com to know more.