Why Should Shippers
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HaulerHub is the most convenient solution to finding a Hauler to move your cargo without middleman fees. HaulerHub is cheaper, faster, and smarter.

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In preparation for the reset in a post-coronavirus-world, supply chain leaders seek to exploit the benefits of digitalization to an even greater degree. They must look to innovative technologies that have the potential to disrupt supply chain operating models and provide a competitive advantage.

Gartner Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2020

Benefits to Shippers

Click or swipe from your desktop or mobile device, and you’re on your way to matching your cargo and its destination with the right trustworthy Hauler willing to deliver the goods at a fair price and in record time.

The time saved with HaulerHub gives you time back to use elsewhere in managing your supply chain. You’ll enjoy service that is:

  • Cheaper: No middleman fees to find a Hauler.
  • Faster: With no external parties, you can get your shipment on the road faster and easier.
  • Smarter: Match your cargo with eager Haulers and their existing routes; avoid needless paperwork to book your cargo.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for shipping ERP software or enterprise logistics solutions in the USA.

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