How’s it going Mike A. is my name and I’ve been working as a supervisor for a mid-sized fleet for over 25 years. I’ve seen how this industry has grown and flourished and won’t forget when things felt lean and it was hard to get equitable miles to my drivers to survive on. Through it all, one thing that remains the same is my dedication to moving a load for the best price possible for my drivers and the customers we serve.

I understand this is how my drivers support their family’s so I try to focus on making sure they get the most out of their miles. Believe me, I hear it from all sides. One area that has caught my interest in recent times, is how we generate leads, to begin with. With more and more drivers choosing to go independent it’s good for me to stay a step ahead in knowing why the good ones leave. Many good drivers rightfully want to keep more of their payout as they take on all of the risks. When a broker is making the same as a driver to keep
costs down for the shipper, well that just ain’t right.

I’m noticing that tech is becoming a real game-changer and now drivers can find shippers right from their smart phones. That’s just incredible! I’m definitely open to supplementing more of my business this way. I’m definitely keeping one eye on the future of my business as in life and in business, you have to adapt with the times.

Yours truly,
Mike A.

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